AWS Advent 2014 Call for Participation

The end of 2014 is upon us and folks seem interested in having an AWS Advent this year.

I’m willing to curate and run one if I can get at least 15 submissions from folks.

Potential Post Topics we’d love to see

  • DynamoDB Intro
  • Kineses Intro
  • Lambda Intro
  • CodeDeploy/CodeCommit/CodePipeline (ALM) Intro
  • Amazon Aurora Intro
  • CloudFormation Best Practices for 2014
  • Securing your AWS Credentials (IAM, MFA, IAM Roles, Launch Configs, Sharing Secrets, using KMS)
  • S3 And Glacier for Scalable Storage and Archiving
  • Monitoring, Metrics, and Logging in the Cloud (CloudWatch and CloudTrail best practices)
  • Managing AWS Billing (Netflix ICE, Hosted Services?)

If you’re willing to contribute a post, please add yourself to the Google Spreadsheet: