AWS Advent is near

All the welcome/reminder emails for current volunteer authors have been sent out. Please get in touch with @solarce if you volunteered and didn’t get one.

If you still want to volunteer, see below and then add yourself to the Google Spreadsheet

We still have 5 slots available for the following days

  • 12/7
  • 12/8
  • 12/9
  • 12/14
  • 12/16
  • 12/20

And I would love posts on the following topics

  • Kinesis
  • Amazon Lambda
  • Amazon Aurora
  • S3 And Glacier for Scalable Storage and Archiving
  • Monitoring, Metrics, and Logging in the Cloud (CloudWatch and CloudTrail best practices)
  • Managing AWS Billing (Comparing Netflix ICE and/or Hosted Services?)