Frequently Asked Questions

When is the last date for submission of articles?

  • The schedule explicitly does not include a last day for submission of articles as we will accept articles until we have 24 + a few extras for backup articles that will be released on the last day if all articles are completed.
  • Rough drafts of articles are due November 29, 2017 and it is highly unlikely that we will accept submissions after this point.

Can I publish my article on my blog?

  • We welcome folks to share their articles on their blog on or after the date that it will be shown on the AWS Advent event blog. If the article has already been shared, it’s not new, and fresh. It’s also not a surprise for readers of AWS Advent.
  • Once the final draft of the article is complete, AWS Advent organizers will share the publish date of your article so you can plan ahead. The earlier your article gets completed in its final draft form, the earlier we can let you know the publish date!

Can I publish an article from work?

  • We encourage folks to get paid for this volunteer work! We recognize that as a volunteer event that we are not able to pay folks for their time and efforts. That said, we will not accept marketing and sales pitches. If the article when submitted is a marketing or sales pitches, we will not post the article to the site unless it’s heavily edited.
  • You are welcome to post your article to your company’s blog as well, as long as you give credit to each of the volunteers who have helped with editing and design work as well at the top of your article as shown on the AWS Advent blog.
  • We also ask that you link to the original article on the AWS Advent blog.
  • As with articles that are posted to personal blogs, we ask that articles are not posted to the company blog until on or after the date that it is posted on the AWS Advent event blog.
  • The association with your company should be disclosed at the beginning of the article.